Retinal Prosthesis: Second Sight's Argus II


Description: Second Sight Medical Products is conducting a 30-participant, international Phase II clinical evaluation of the Argus II retinal prosthesis system. Also known as an artificial retina, the system is providing limited vision to people with advanced forms of retinitis pigmentosa and potentially other retinal degenerative diseases. The Argus II has enabled users to identify shapes and objects, read large letters, and follow a white line on the floor. The device consists of a miniature video camera, embedded in a pair of sunglasses, which captures images that are converted to electronic signals and sent to a 60-electrode chip attached to the retina. The device has received European marketing approval and is expected to be available for purchase there in late 2011. The Foundation funded early, preclinical studies of this prosthetic technology.

Trial Status: Trial is ongoing; not recruiting new participants.

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