• Wavelength

    A measure of the character of light, where certain wavelength ranges define and distinguish different "types" of light. The photoreceptor cell detects and chemically converts light of certain wavelengths within the visible range (between 400-700 nanometers or nm) into electrical signals that travel, via the optic nerve, to the visual cortex in the brain.

  • X Chromosome

    The inherited package (or chromosome) of DNA that contains genes that help to determine the sex of an individual. Two X chromosomes are inherited by females and one X chromosome and one Y chromosome are inherited by males. Mutation of a gene found on the X chromosome can cause X-linked diseases.

  • Y Chromosome

    The chromosome (DNA package) passed-down from biological father to son that contains genes that determine male gender.

    The Y chromosome is the sex chromosome passed-down from biological father to son that contains genetic instructions that give men their gender (and other body characteristics). Males inherit one Y chromosome from their father and one X chromosome from their mother, and are therefore normally symptomatic if they have an X-linked disease. So far, there are no known retinal degenerative diseases linked to the Y chromosome.

  • Zinc

    A mineral that is required for nutrition and proper function and maintenance of the body. Zinc oxide (80 mg) is one component of the daily nutritional supplementation for treatment to prevent progression of vision loss in AMD (findings from AREDS clinical trial). Zinc oxide is also being tested in a new nutritional supplement formulation for the AREDS II clinical trial. If you use nutritional supplementation, please consult with your personal physician and ophthalmologist as your personal health situation may require monitoring or a