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Listen to the Health Reform Bill at
A group of voice actors announced the release of a website intended to facilitate the public’s involvement in healthcare reform by allowing interested individuals to listen to the bill - all 1,018 pages - as an audio book available for download at  As stated in the press release: “The HR 3200 bill is fully downloadable and indexed like an audio book, allowing users to choose which parts they want to hear at their own convenience. It also provides the sight-impaired with an option they otherwise would not have. Others can read along with the audio, and should keep checking back, as the site will be updated whenever the bill is amended to ensure that it remains current.” Over 80 voice actors volunteered to donate their time to create the free online tool.

Listen to the health reform bill here.

The Foundation Fighting Blindness is providing this information purely as a service and takes no position on any of the proposals.

American Foundation for the Blind
The American Foundation for the Blind, the organization to which Helen Keller devoted her life, is a national nonprofit whose mission is to ensure that the ten million Americans who are blind or visually impaired enjoy the same rights and opportunities as other citizens.

Alliance for Aging Research
Taking a Closer Look At Age-Related Macular Degeneration (PDF)

Blindness Resource Center/NY Institute for Special Education
Provides patients, family members, and health care professionals easy access to information on clinical research studies for a wide range of diseases and conditions. Included are a summary of the purpose of the study, recruiting status, criteria for patient participation, location of the trial, and specific contact information.
Available at:

Enhanced Vision
Low vision resources and innovative products

A service network, which strives to create the ultimate world network between anyone having the simplest interest in aiding the effort to help visually impaired individuals, prevent global blindness, and support others in the field to solidify their own efforts. eyeSIGHT INTERNATIONAL is committed to the global effort for treating and preventing sight dysfunction. It works to provide and establish a more personal, direct link between international communities, professionals, and those in need.


FFB Canada
We are the leading eye research foundation in Canada, innovative and committed fund raisers, quality providers of research information and a dynamic partner in a network of like-minded organizations.

Glaucoma Research Foundation (GRF)
Glaucoma Research Foundation is a national non-profit organization dedicated to finding a cure for glaucoma. GRF offers education and support for people with glaucoma and their families through Gleams, a free newsletter (available in print, by email, and online), a toll-free phone support line 1-800-826-6693 to speak with our information specialist (hours are 8:30am-5:00pm, M-F, Pacific Time), free informational booklets, and a comprehensive website featuring an innovative interface that is a model of Internet accessibility for the visually impaired.

Guide Dogs for the Blind
Guide Dogs for the Blind is a nonprofit, charitable organization with a mission to provide Guide Dogs and training in their use to visually impaired people throughout the United States and Canada. Our dogs and services are free to those we serve, thanks to the generosity of donors and support of volunteers.

Guide Dogs of America
Guide Dogs of America is dedicated to its mission to provide guide dogs and instruction in their use, free of charge, to blind and visually impaired men and women from the United States and Canada so that they may continue to pursue their goals with increased mobility and independence.
Contact: Sara Ormenyi
Manager of Admissions and Graduate Services
13445 Glenoaks Boulevard
Sylmar, CA 91342

JBI: Jewish Books for the Visually Impaired (AKA Jewish Braille Institute)

Low Vision Information Center

Sight Loss Solutions
Sight Loss Solutions offers special bulletins and helpful indexes forlow-vision and no-vision consumers.

The Low Vision Gateway
Created to be your starting point to access information on the World Wide Web related to the fields of low vision and blindness.

Macular Degeneration Support
MD Support offers information and human contact for people dealing with macular degeneration and similar diseases of the retina which may lead to central vision loss.

A consumer health website developed by The National Library of Medicine® (NLM®) at the National Institutes of Health. Along with comprehensive coverage of over 600 Health Topics, MEDLINEplus also contains nightly newswire updates, interactive tutorials with sound and pictures, medical encyclopedia, drug information, directories of health facilities and professionals, and more. Best of all it is FREE, commercial free, and totally private.

National Eye Institute

National Federation of the Blind
The purpose of the National Federation of the Blind is two-fold—to help blind persons achieve self-confidence and self-respect and to act as a vehicle for collective self-expression by the blind. By providing public education about blindness, information and referral services, scholarships, literature and publications about blindness, aids and appliances and other adaptive equipment for the blind, advocacy services and protection of civil rights, development and evaluation of technology, and support for blind persons and their families, members of the NFB strive to educate the public that the blind are normal individuals who can compete on terms of equality.

Provides access, free of charge, to MEDLINE. Over 40 million searches done each month. Includes state-of-the-art retrieval features such as "related articles," links to related databases, and links to publishers' full-text articles.

RetNet provides tables of mapped and identified genes causing inherited retinal diseases such as retinitis pigmentosa, macular degeneration and Usher syndrome, with additional summary information. Supported by the Foundation Fighting Blindness, the William Stamps Farish Fund and the George Gund Foundation.

Products for living with sight loss

The College of Physicians of Philadelphia

Usher Syndrome Coalition
The Usher Syndrome Coalition’s mission is to raise awareness and accelerate research for the most common genetic cause of combined deafness and blindness. The Coalition also provides information and support to individuals and families affected by Usher syndrome.
Your connection to vision information and an accessible community for people who are partially sighted or blind., a project funded by Perkins School for the Blind, is dedicated to helping parents of young children with vision impairments as well as children with multiple disabilities. Here you'll find a database of articles written by parents who want to share with others what they've learned about playing with and teaching a blind child, as well as links to meaningful resources and ways to connect with other families.