Foundation Fighting Blindness Statement in Support of the March for Science

(Columbia, Maryland) - The Foundation Fighting Blindness (FFB) joins all who believe in the importance and power of science in supporting the April 22, 2017 March for Science.

Ten million Americans are affected by inherited retinal diseases, but progress being made toward cures for these diseases is a testament to what can be achieved by sustained commitment to research. 

When the Foundation was created in 1971, little was known about the retina and very little research was being done on retinal degenerative diseases.  Today, due to the curiosity, innovation and hard work of scientists, 20 potential treatments for retinal degenerations are in clinical trials.

Sustained commitment to and investment in early and translational research and partnerships between researchers, government and industry are key to continued progress in the search for science-based solutions to diseases and other issues that challenge society.

FFB is proud to partner with the National Eye Institute, other global research organizations and leading vision experts and laboratories around the world in our shared mission to end blindness.  While we will continue to do our part to provide private funding, federal funding is a key element to keeping the research progress going.  We call on Congress to increase its support for NIH funding.

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Wednesday, April 5, 2017