Meet Jack Morris - Featured Volunteer

Jack Morris is in the 9th grade at MICDS - Mary Institute and St. Louis Country Day School. Despite being more challenging, he really enjoys high school thus far. Jack has been excelling in his school’s wrestling program since seventh grade. Prior to wrestling, Jack swam on the swim team, but practice became unappealing to him. Jack says “I think I really got into wrestling when I realized ball sports (football, baseball, and tennis) weren’t really going to work out. I’m thankful that we have to play two sports each year at my school, because I may not have started if I didn’t need another sport.”

Learning the sport of wrestling was actually pretty tough. There's a thing called “wrestling IQ” and it's like a chess game; you truly have to be one step ahead of your opponent. “My favorite thing about wrestling would have to be the mental aspect of it. That comes both in toughness and mental agility.” “A wrestling match is fought with the body, but won with the mind. Almost every time, the mentally tougher person is the winner of the match,” Jack says. The 2017 wrestling season hasn't started yet, but last year they had a 23-0 season. Jack is pretty excited to see what he can do this season. He's hopeful to achieve a trip to state for wrestling this year.

If he's not at wrestling practice, Jack is usually busy with Class President activities. Jack has always been a natural leader to his peers, so he decided to run for class president. Responsibilities include: events for his class, movie nights and ice-skating.

Besides wrestling and Class President, Jack also maintains a reasonable GPA and even plans to audition for his school’s musical.