Vitamin E

An anti-oxidant found in certain oils, nuts, and other foods (and as a commercial supplement) that is also used as part of a nutritional treatment of AMD.

Vitamin E is a fat-soluble anti-oxidant found in vegetable oils, nuts, olives and other foods. Vitamin E (400 IU), was one component of the daily nutritional supplementation for treatment to slow vision loss in AMD (findings from an AREDS clinical trial). This vitamin exists as eight closely related chemical forms, alpha, beta, gamma and delta "tocopherols." The most common supplement is the synthetic d,l-alpha tocopherol. Most nutritionists recommend a supplement composed of mixed "natural" tocopherols. Commercially, this usually comprises 80% alpha l-tocopherol and 20% l-forms of gamma, beta and delta tocopherols. Only alpha-tocopherol has been included in the AREDS II clinical trial. Please note that vitamin E has been shown to be harmful in a certain proportion of people with retinitis pigmentosa who take it as a supplement. Therefore, if you use nutritional supplementation, please consult with your personal physician and ophthalmologist as your personal health situation may require monitoring or a non-typical approach and nutritional supplements may interfere with prescribed medicines.