Funding Philosophy

FFB SCIENCE allocates individual budgets to its research (FFB SCIENCE Discovery and Innovation) and development (FFB CLINICAL RESEARCH INSTITUTE) arms. The two organizations use an integrated approach to funding strategy.  

  • FFB SCIENCE Discovery and Innovation approves grants that a) meet strategic priorities, b) supports research and early development stages and c) are based on best chance to make significant advances in knowledge and technology to bring benefit to patients.  
  • FFB CLINICAL RESEARCH INSTITUTE funds relationships based on a) meeting strategic priorities, b) assessment of the most promising compounds, c) ability for the compound to be developed successfully (expertise , management, other funding) and d) ability to negotiate a fair return on investment (although not the first priority).  



Identification of new innovative therapies

  • FFB SCIENCE experts are internationally recognized for assessing and bringing to the forefront scientific breakthroughs in any and all fields that can lead to new treatments and cures for degenerative retinal diseases

Supporting cutting edge research

  • Scientific and financial support for innovative research conducted by clinicians and scientists at both public and private institutions
  • Funding of career development awards to attract the most promising physicians and scientists to the field

Accelerating commercial development of new innovative treatments & cures

  • Scientific and financial support for small businesses with new promising technology
  • Access to a robust network of scientists and clinician experts
  • Access to external support from industry: Big Pharma, Biotech, and Government
  • Expertise in conduct of pivotal validation studies that result in comprehensive treatment development plans and funding for those plans

Improving diagnosis

Scientific and financial support for the development of new diagnostic technologies that will both improve diagnostic capabilities for patients and expedite clinical trials for new treatments

Contribution to education, awareness and supporting resources

  • Premier information resource for people diagnosed with retinal degenerative diseases, and their families
  • Ready access to the most up-to-date information on the retinal degenerative diseases, diagnostic methods, treatments, scientific breakthroughs, and clinical trials.

Attracting broad support

Proven record of building collaborations and partnerships with individuals and organizations that share the Foundation’s commitment to eradicating degenerative retinal diseases and can help accelerate the process.