Shire Shares Update on SHP-630 Program

April 18, 2017

Shire has shared with the Foundation Fighting Blindness that it is terminating its SHP-630 program.  Also being closed is the Shire-sponsored natural history study on adRP and SHP-630.  The Foundation Fighting Blindness Clinical Research Institute (FFB-CRI) served as a development strategy advisor to the program.

In its statement announcing the close, Shire said that after recent and careful review of the SHP-630 pre-clinical results, it made the difficult decision to terminate the program due to lack of efficacy.

SHP-630 is an investigational compound that was in preclinical research for adRP, a rare genetic disease that usually first occurs in late childhood or adolescence and is followed by the progressive loss of peripheral vision.

According to Shire, the decision to terminate the program was additionally based on the company’s strategic need to focus on continued research and development for eye health, and on the assets in Shire’s pipeline that present the most potential.

“Shire remains committed to and will continue to seek promising new scientific innovation in eye health, including rare retinal diseases, whether it comes from within our own internal R&D organization or through partnerships,” Shire said in announcing its decision.

“Demonstration of efficacy in relevant pre-clinical models is a critical part of the drug development process,” said Patricia Zilliox, PhD, the Foundation Fighting Blindness Clinical Research Institute chief drug development officer.  “FFB-CRI looks forward to continued collaborations with Shire and other industry partners as we work together to find cures for inherited retinal diseases.  Finding these cures isn’t a simple process. Grounding our work in rigorous science and committing research funding to areas that show the most potential is central to our success,” said Zilliox.

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