FFB News and Press Releases

  • Dr. John Flannery, a Foundation-funded researcher, recently restored some visual ability in mice with retinitis pigmentosa by injecting a gene therapy that helps make up for the loss of photoreceptors.
  • The path to developing gene therapy treatments for retinal degenerations, and other diseases, has been an arduous one. Foundation Fighting Blindness researchers took on much of the early pioneering work in this field and, thanks to their foresight and dedication, gene therapy is emerging as one the greatest breakthroughs in medical research history. These milestones mark the progression of gene therapy for retinal degenerative diseases over two decades.
  • A new advance in gene therapy is providing hope for people with a debilitating retinal disease known as achromatopsia or day blindness. Researchers from the University of Pennsylvania have used gene therapy to successfully treat dogs with the same condition.
  • The FDA has approved the use of an implantable miniature telescope (IMT) for enhancing the central vision of people with end-stage, untreatable age-related macular degeneration (AMD).