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Retinal Patch Performs Promisingly in Clinical Trial for Dry AMD Patients

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Regenerative Patch Technologies, a company developing stem-cell-derived treatments for people with retinal diseases, has reported encouraging results for the first five patients with advanced, dry age-related macular degeneration (AMD) participating in a Phase 1/2a clinical trial for its therapy – a patch comprised of a layer of retinal pigment epithelial (RPE) cells on a synthetic scaffold. The treatment is known as the California Project to Cure Blindness–Retinal Pigment Epithelium 1 (CPCB-RPE1).

One patient in the trial had visual acuity improvement of 17 letters (about 3 lines on an eye chart) in her treated eye. Three patients had vision maintained in their treated eyes. Two had improved fixation. One patient did not receive the patch due to debris underneath the retina. No evidence of safety issues with the treatment was observed.

The study investigators also reported anatomic improvements in the treated eyes. Imaging showed that the transplanted RPE cells integrated with photoreceptors, the cells that make vision possible.

In people with advanced AMD, RPE cells degenerate leading to loss of photoreceptors. RPE cells provide critical support functions – including nutrition and waste management – for photoreceptors. The RPE cells used in Regenerative Patch’s emerging therapy are derived from human embryonic stem cells.

The treatment’s scaffold mimics Bruch’s membrane, which breaks down in people with AMD. Also known as the blood-retina barrier, Bruch’s membrane works like a sieve to transport waste debris to, and nutrients from, the retina’s vasculature.

“People with advanced dry AMD have very limited options for saving or restoring their vision,” says Stephen Rose, PhD, chief scientific officer at the Foundation Fighting Blindness. “These early results from the California Project to Cure Blindness are good news for these patients. We look forward to learning more about the therapy as the trial moves forward.”

Initial results of the clinical trial were published online in the journal Science Translational Medicine. Authors of the paper include Mark Humayun, MD, PhD, at the University of Southern California (USC), developer of the Argus bionic retina; Amir Kashani, MD, PhD, surgeon at USC; and Dennis Clegg, PhD, at the University of California, Santa Barbara, who has been funded by the Foundation Fighting Blindness to develop scaffolding for a therapeutic retinal patch in development at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

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34 Responses to 'Retinal Patch Performs Promisingly in Clinical Trial for Dry AMD Patients'

  1. majid goussous says:

    Good job and keep the good work

    • Barbara Osoria says:

      This is amazing news! Would this procedure also possibly apply to a person who has lost vision in one eye due to retinal detachment and issues stemming from diabetes?

  2. Kamran says:

    Have any treatment or any solution for microopthtmia eyes

  3. Norman says:

    Thanks for the effort

  4. Marsha Peckler says:

    I would like tp enter your ” Retinal Patch Trial.
    Kindly contact me with details.

    Thank you,

    Marsha Peckler


    This is wonderful news.Thank you.

  6. Alice uglow says:

    When do you think this wonderful breakthrough will be available?


    I have a genetic disorder which causes the rods and cones to degenerate . Is this treatment going to help people with my condition?

  8. William Sutherlin says:

    Where can this be performed? My husband has
    Dry AMD..
    Thank you.

  9. Kurt Akersten says:

    This is why we strongly support the Foundation. Such good news for the future. In addition to having dry AMD I can only communicate by using an electrolarynx. That is doable, but gradually losing my sight is devastating. I pray that the retinal patch will be available during my lifetime. Are the clinical trials being done anywhere in the East? Kurt

  10. Christina Carter says:

    I also have an inherited retinal dystrophy and am interested in possible participation in the clinical redial.

  11. ERNESTO R. says:

    Will this trial be enrolling in nyc any time soon? My mom has AND with geographic atrophy.

  12. stan kieres says:

    I would be interested in trial please contact me

  13. Nabeel Mustafa says:

    Very interested in retinal patch trial. Plesse contact me.

  14. Michael Rochford says:

    I was just diagnosed with it 6 months ago and it is still in it’s early stages, as confirmed just today by my Optometrist. I live in Canada and would be willing to enroll in a trial should one be available. My 91 year old father also suffers from the condition, should 2nd generation data be of value to the study.

  15. Shanhui Chen says:

    I am writing on behalf of my sister who has macular degeneration. She was very excited to hear about this news and would like to participate the clinical trial. Please contact me through Thank you!

  16. Gayle Mudge says:

    I would be interested to know if there is a possibility that other trails will be conducted a different parts of the United States in the future. I live in North Carolina and would be able to participate if Duke Eye Institute Should sponsor a trial. Would it be reasonable to think that they might?

  17. Harbinder Narang says:

    My mother is 96 years old and has very limited vision in her left eye due to dry AMD. She has no vision in her right eye. She will be a prime candidate to try your retinal patch. She is based in Simi Valley, CA, and has been a patient in the Doheny Eye Centre at USC.
    Please advise if this will be possible or please advise if she can consult at some facility to seek treatment for her condition.
    I am very hopeful of a positive response.

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