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New Brand, Same Mission

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Tom BernardinNow that VISIONS 2012 is over, we’re sharing with the world what attendees witnessed at the conference’s awards dinner Saturday night – an unveiling of FFB’s new logo:

Foundation Fighting Blindness Logo

Compared to the previous one, in use for a couple decades, it’s a bit of a shock, yes – as any change can be. But as explained at the dinner by our chairman and co-founder, Gordon Gund, it’s in line with the Zeitgeist.

Over the last half a decade, retinal disease research has reached historic proportions, with clinical trials for treatments and cures either getting underway or being prepped, with Foundation support, to do so. In fact, we’ve been calling this “the era of clinical trials.”

But, in many ways, it is just the beginning of that era. Hence the new logo.

What you now see on our website and social-media pages is a reflection of where we, FFB and those awaiting treatments and cures, are – without full vision, unable to see every part of every letter in the Foundation’s name. There are, literally and figuratively, spaces that need to be filled in.

Successful clinical trials – those which lead to treatments becoming available in the marketplace – will begin to fill in those spaces:

This imaginative re-branding is the product of Leo Burnett, one of the world’s leading ad agencies, whose chairman and CEO is Tom Bernardin, a longtime supporter and National Trustee of FFB. At the dinner, Tom (pictured above) joined Gordon in unveiling the new logo, and he, as much as anyone else, has an investment in our mission; a nephew and two of his nieces have Stargardt disease.

The equation from here on in is simple. Each clinical trial can cost tens of millions of dollars. If the Foundation can raise the money, the clinical trials go forward and, eventually, treatments become available. In other words, the spaces get filled in.

The new logo says where the Foundation is and where it’s headed.

– Rich Shea

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