The First International Symposium on Translational Clinical Research for Inherited and Orphan Retinal Diseases

The Foundation Fighting Blindness Clinical Research Institute (FFB CRI) hosted the Symposium to discuss, evaluate, and promote translational research for the development of preventions, treatments, and cures for retinal degenerative diseases. FFB CRI was established in 2002 to expedite the translation of laboratory-based research into clinical trials for treatment of hereditary orphan retinal diseases. The Symposium was a key strategic step by the Institute to develop bridges of communication between scientific, clinical, governmental, pharmaceutical and financial communities, and to encourage clinical trials of new candidate drugs and drug delivery systems for orphan retinal diseases.

Sponsored by Foundation Fighting Blindness Clinical Research Institute
November 5-7, 2004
Wardman Park Marriott Hotel
Washington, D.C.

By: Mark O.M. Tso, M.D., D. Sc. and Morton F. Goldberg, M.D.