Research Call: Today’s Science, Tomorrow’s Breakthroughs

This is an extremely exciting time at the Foundation Fighting Blindness, and we want you to know how grateful we are for your generosity and passion for our work. Your support has been the lifeblood of the Foundation’s research, and we want to make sure you are kept well-informed about how we invest your dollars. That’s why we regularly share the latest research news with you during our Behind-the-Scenes Research Calls.

During our last call, in March, Foundation-funded researcher Dr. Shannon Boye, of the University of Florida, explained the basics of gene therapy and shared details about her current gene-therapy projects.   

Thanks to your generous support, her Foundation-funded research shows just how far we’ve come in the field of gene therapy and the possibilities for research in the future. 

Stephen Rose, Ph.D.
Chief Research Officer
Foundation Fighting Blindness

If you were unable to join the call, or would like to listen to it again, you can access a recording of the call here. To download this audio, please right click on the link and select, 'Save link as.'

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If you would like more information on genetic testing, please read the Genetic Testing Booklet.