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If you or a loved one is affected with a retinal degenerative disease, the Foundation Fighting Blindness provides valuable disease information, research updates, low vision resources, and networking opportunities to help you stay informed and connect with others experiencing similar challenges.

By filling out the registration form below, you’ll have access to, and receive, several benefits, all at NO COST. If you need assistance, please call the Foundation’s toll-free information line at 800-683-5555.

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Registration Benefits Accessible Online

  • Access to the site’s password-protected Clinical Trials section, with information about studies testing new treatments and possibly recruiting qualified patients to participate
  • Access to the site’s password-protected Resources section, with information about low vision specialists and physician referrals
  • Access to online chat rooms and message boards to communicate with others in a similar situation
  • Greater access to ALL retinal disease, research and coping articles on the site
  • Ability to donate online through a secure connection (this benefit includes donating as a tribute or memorial in honor of another person)

Registration Benefits Received Via E-mail

  • Updates about retinal research advancements and public education initiatives
  • Invitations to special online Q&A chats with research and low vision coping experts
  • The Foundation’s bi-monthly In Focus Online newsletter that includes research news, organizational announcements and stories of hope

Registration Benefits Sent In Print

  • A free information packet about your disease of interest (if you are new to the Foundation Fighting Blindness)
  • The Foundation’s In Focus print newsletter, delivered in the mail three times per year