Priorities for Success

Foundation Members and Friends:

Within the next few years, the Foundation Fighting Blindness expects to have a hand in roughly 30 studies, which makes this a crucial time. We are no longer in building mode, and, spurred on by the momentum of our fundraising efforts, researchers are now hitting their strides with the development  of pharmaceutical, gene therapy and stem cell therapy treatments. Allowing that momentum to ebb is not an option.

To put it in the simplest of terms, this increase in development of promising therapies, many of which are at the clinical stage, demands an increase in funds. Over the next five years, we’re aiming to grow our revenues significantly, so that the Foundation can continue to support the research teams working hard to find treatments for vision-robbing diseases affecting more than 10 million Americans.

With this in mind, we enter 2012 with a set of organizational priorities intended to take the Foundation to even higher ground, in terms of finances, research and support for those affected by retinal degenerative diseases.  These priorities, which affect all aspects of the organization, will focus our efforts and resources toward our goal of clinical success.

Accompanying this letter is an outline of a strategic plan which, through 2016, will serve as a blueprint for adding vital new clinical trials to the Foundation’s research portfolio. Originally adopted by the board of directors this past June, it highlights six priorities that will help us raise the funds necessary to draw commercial interest in investments in treatments and cures. Those priorities are: funding cutting-edge research; developing new treatments and cures; identifying new therapies; improving diagnoses; providing education, awareness and support; and attracting broad financial support.

I urge you to read the plan as you continue to support the Foundation in the many ways that have bolstered our success in the past. And, as always, I want to thank you for your continual support of our cause. The crucial steps we are taking now will help us ultimately win the fight against blindness.

View the strategic plan.



William T. Schmidt
Chief Executive Officer