A Change in Identity Might Someday Save Vision

No, people with inherited retinal diseases don’t have to adopt new names or personas, or go into witness protection programs, to save their vision. But by changing the identity of cells in the retina — namely rods — researchers may someday be able to slow or halt vision loss for those with retinitis pigmentosa (RP) and other related conditions.

Foundation 2016 annual report highlights significant research progress

The Foundation Fighting Blindness annual report, released this week, details another groundbreaking year in which Foundation-funded studies made great strides across the continuum of research that will one day cure blindness caused by retinal degenerative disease. That work included harnessing the power of gene and stem-cell therapies, partnering with pharmaceutical companies to develop new drug treatments, and working across the retinal science community to create clinical trial endpoints that will strengthen and speed the all-important clinical trials process.

Message from President

Dear Friends of the FFB Jacksonville Chapter:

Welcome to the Jacksonville Area Chapter of the Foundation Fighting Blindness! My name is Adriann Keve, and I am proud and honored to serve as your chapter president. Our goal as a chapter is to provide support and outreach for people affected by retinal degenerative diseases and their loved ones while raising money for research for treatments and cures for retinal degenerative diseases.