Seattle Chapter Featured Volunteer

SalazarAnthony Salazar has been associated with the Foundation Fighting Blindness for a number of years, and has been active with the Seattle chapter, where he serves as the Communications Chair. Participation in the Seattle VisionWalk has come to mean a great deal to him and his family, since he discovered that his daughter has become a fourth generation carrier of retinitis pigmatosis (RP).

While volunteering at a Seattle Chapter Speaker Series at the University of Washington, Anthony met several scientists from the institution’s department of Ophthalmology, who are devoted to the study of retinal diseases. These impressive lectures provided an enjoyable overall and summation of the current progress in new research fields. And more recently, Anthony had the opportunity to promote VisionWalk as a guest on one of the Washington Talking Book & Braille Library (WTBBL)’s radio programs.

Anthony takes great pride in his team, Eye Wanna Cure, and has been pleasantly surprised by the wonderful support of his family and friends and their generous contributions to the team. It has not been an easy road these many years since he was diagnosed, but Anthony is confident that the scientific research will provide the answers for the questions we all seek. In being a RP treatment/cure advocate, Anthony firmly believes that a cure is in sight!

Anthony was honored by the amount of support from his family and friends in raising funds for the VisionWalk. It can be an intimidating process to ask people for money, but it’s worth it! Please join us at the Seattle VisionWalk, even if it’s just for fun! We want to raise funds for research, but we are also there to have a good time, so start a team or join Anthony’s!