San Antonio / Austin Chapter Welcome Letter

To the Members of the San Antonio/Austin Chapter:

In May 2011 we were asked to take the role of president for our chapter, and we were excited to accept the challenge and take over leadership of the chapter as co-presidents.

We decided to get involved with the chapter shortly after learning that Jameson Dunn (Todd's 12 year old son) was diagnosed with Stargardt's Disease in 2009. Jameson had been having visual problems for a few years despite the help of several eye doctors. Jameson was diagnosed 2 days before his 10th birthday with Stargardt's. Even though he has virtually no central vision and very little detail acuity, Jameson rarely complains about his vision. He is an amazing young man with an incredible attitude towards life. It is this attitude that has given us the drive to find a cure for him and the millions of others that have retinal diseases.

It is our hope that through the Foundation Fighting Blindness, the necessary funds can be raised for research to find a cure. Increasing awareness is the key to raising these funds. As more people become aware of the need for research, more money can be raised and a cure can be found sooner than later. Our goal is to increase the membership of our chapter to help find that cure. We have a lot of work ahead of us, but we are determined to see it become a reality. We have many ideas and plans to reach our goal, but we need your help.

There are several committees where you can help:

  • VisionWalk
  • Outreach and Community Relations
  • Fundraising
  • Membeship
  • Support Groups
  • Partners for Retinal Health
  • Media and Public Relations


Our previous President, Mrs. Jodi Avis, has led the chapter in a great direction, and we intend on continuing these goals she had set for the chapter. With your help we can continue to build upon Jodi's success, and make the chapter even better. We'd love to hear from you and how you can help. Please join us in our quest to make the San Antonio/Austin Chapter the leader in chapters across the country!

Thank you,

Todd and Meredith Dunn
San Antonio/Austin Chapter
Foundation Fighting Blindness

Todd: 210.393.8934
Meredith: 210.367.2529
Fax: 210.638.6507