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Quest for a Cure

Written by Judith Leach

Shane & Max Snyder
sons of Judith Leach

My name is Judith Leach and I’m on a personal quest for a cure for retinal degenerative diseases. I have two grown sons and both have Usher syndrome, which is like retinitis pigmentosa but with hearing loss. For a long time when my oldest son was originally diagnosed with this retinal disease the doctors informed us there was no cure in sight. I have lived for years with just a glimmer of hope that a cure could be found.

The research progress that has been made in the last several years is phenomenal; we are finally on a fast track toward a cure! I cannot express what that hope for a cure has meant to me as a mother with two affected sons and to so many others who are affected. At last there is a bright light at the end of the tunnel, and my sons along with the other 10 million Americans personally affected may see a miracle in their life time. To think by raising funds for this research we could help so many rejoin the world, and lead full active lives, should be all the motivation anyone needs to get involved.

I have been on a fundraising campaign since October reaching out to everyone I know, past and present, to raise awareness of how vitally important their contribution will be to so many. I have been reaching out to them by phone, explaining how the corporate sponsorships work and asking their permission to send them a packet. With each packet, I wrote a hand written letter thanking them for their consideration of making a donation to Foundation Fighting Blindness. I did not use email, or any other form of contact, other than personally speaking directly to them. I felt that if they were going to take the time to consider a donation they could have all of my time and personal touch that I could give.

I still have so much more work to do to reach my goal, but for all of us on a quest for a cure by raising funds, just think about the miracle of our combined work and what it could produce for so many!