Raleigh-Durham Chapter Featured Volunteer

Traci Wilkerson has been a member of the Foundation Fighting Blindness for years and has been active in the Triangle VisionWalk since 2006; her team, 4 Olivia and Evan, raised over $11,602!

Traci is not only a super Team Captain of her VisionWalk team, she is also a VisionWalk Sponsor; her and her husband, Gene, own Zippy Lube, a family-owned full service oil change business. Zippy Lube has been a sponsor of the Walk since 2006 and they’re always one of our first sponsors to sign up.

Traci joined the Foundation because of her two children, Olivia and Evan. Both children are affected by Leber congenital amaurosis (LCA) but their vision loss never slows them down! Traci had the following to say about Olivia and Evan:

oliviaOlivia is still doing great and is loving Kindergarten which she started in July. Where has the time gone? She is taking swim lessons and is interested in starting piano lessons. She is very excited about her braille work as she is making huge strides with her TVI (Teacher of the Visually Impaired). She gets really excited now when she finds braille in new places and its exciting for us to know she is that enthusiastic about learning! She is also already becoming a great advocate for herself. She lets others know right away that she is visually impaired, especially if there is something that she wants to see closer or touch!

evanEvan is still my sweet boy but at the same time trying to find his own voice. He is suddenly ornery and very bossy.... hmmm, I wonder where he got it from? (That would be Olivia!) He has done swim lessons as well over the summer and has started to find a wee bit of independence and bravery in the pool.

Traci served as Co-Chair of the 6th Annual Triangle VisionWalk and she knows that when we all work together in support of the mission of the Foundation Fighting Blindness that there is nothing we can’t accomplish.