Portland Chapter Highlights

Dr. WeleberDr. Richard Weleber

The Oregon chapter had a wonderful Speaker Series with Dr. Richard Weleber on February 18, 2012 at the Casey Eye Institute of the Oregon Health & Science University. It was a full house, with over 100 people coming to hear about the gene therapy clinical trials for Stargardt disease and Usher syndrome type 1B taking place at OHSU Casey Eye Institute. Partnering with Oxford Biomedica, a UK pharmaceutical company, researchers at the Casey Eye Institute, led by Dr. Weleber, are launching these first-ever clinical trials for these diseases. They hope that a single treatment can correct the defective genes to treat these retinal conditions. After the completion of these trials and FDA approval, there will actually be a vision-saving treatment available that doctors can prescribe for their patients with these retinal diseases! Truly remarkable, as these were not on our radar screen just 5 years ago. We are so proud to be supporting the research at the Casey Eye Institute.

For more information on how to participate in these clinical trials, please contact the OHSU Study Coordinator Maureen Toomey at (503) 494-3795.