Orange County Chapter Welcome Letter

Welcome to the Orange County Chapter 2013

I believe it is important to continue and preserve the amazing legacy that began over four years. Two fantastic signature events began its roots right here in the OC ! VisionWalk, originated by OC board member, Toni Gavello, as "People and Paws" has expanded around the entire USA with great success! The "Original OC Dining in the Dark" event continues to amaze all the guests that attend! It is an evening experience of a lifetime!

I look forward to growing once again with new chapter members and new events!

I would like to share the legacy of how we have grown up over these past four years and what future exciting events are forthcoming for fall 2013 and 2014!

Please take a few minutes to visit the "OC Chapter History and Legacy Remembered" link.

Today we are building from an amazing legacy! It is now time to begin anew this fall!

We are presenting the Foundation’s Speakers Series meetings which will include Retinal Research Specialist and Low Vision Specialist speakers.

Our Fantastic signature events Dining in the Dark and VisionWalk are in full swing planning for a very exciting 2013!!

How about joining us today in one of our chapter events as a committee member, or make a donation, or maybe you would like to become a part of our board? Don’t be shy, we are reaching out to you to support you and to welcome you. All levels of participation to the Orange County Chapter are appreciated and we very much look forward to growing and thriving with your involvement!

We all are on an extremely important quest for a cure and we can take this journey together! In my lifetime and in yours I truly believe that A Cure Is In Sight!

You can connect today so please don't hesitate to reach out to contact me at or  949.395.6872.

It is a great honor to serve as President of the OC Chapter once again and we are all here to support you.


Randyce Wechter
Orange County Chapter
Foundation Fighting Blindness