New York City Chapter Partners for Retinal Health Update

NYC Chapter Announces Dr. John Khadem as its First Partner for Retinal Health

By: Sherry Rogers
President, NYC Chapter

I’m thrilled to announce that my retina specialist, Dr. John J. Khadem, has signed on to FFB’s Partners for Retinal Health (PRH) program. He is the first New York City-based doctor to do so.

My husband Mel and I approached Dr. Khadem last year when we heard about the PRH program. His expertise and concern for his patients made him a natural candidate. Several of the members of our Queens Networking Group see Dr. Khadem as well.

In 2009, my former retina specialist noticed some swelling under my retina and suggested that I return in six months for a follow up. I’m not used to questioning advice from my doctors, but six months seemed like a very long time to wait. We’re lucky to have an optometrist in our family (our nephew Darren Wallis), so I called him and forwarded the OCT test results taken by my then doctor. He, in turn, sent it on to the retina specialist used by his practice. That specialist was Dr. John Khadem of Retina Specialists, PC.

Dr. Khadem was on vacation at the time; but in response to Dr. Wallis’ concern, he called to suggest that I shouldn’t wait six months. One week later, I had my first appointment with Dr. Khadem. He suggested that I have a vitrectomy sooner rather than later. We scheduled the surgery for the following week, and I had excellent results.

Seeing Dr. Khadem is very different than my experiences with other retina specialists. I’ve heard everything from “you have RP; there’s nothing we can do” to “if you can’t see, well just turn your head more,” and “I don’t believe there’s any benefit to vitamin A palmitate.” Each of my other doctors had negative pronouncements, but not one of them offered anything by way of positive information. When I visit Dr. Khadem, we discuss symptoms, low-vision options, what’s on the research horizon and possible nutritional benefits (i.e., saffron studies, increased intake of fatty fish in my diet, latest findings on Vitamin A) I should consider. His staff is well trained and responds positively to each patient’s needs. Not only does he welcome and display FFB literature in the waiting rooms, but last year his practice participated in the New York City VisionWalk; and he matched dollar for dollar the funds they raised.

This past summer, Retina Specialists, PC opened their new office at 20 West 13th Street in Manhattan’s Greenwich Village. It is easy to access by mass transit, has nearby parking garages, and is handicap accessible. Best of all, he has the latest equipment on site; so there’s no need to go elsewhere for an electroretinogram (ERG), optical coherence tomography (OCT), angiogram, or visual field test. What a change from other practices where I needed to make appointments for each test with a different provider and had to wait for all the results to be sent to my doctor before we could proceed with any treatment. Wow! One-stop shopping, so to speak! What’s more, I get the results on the spot, on the same day as the testing!

I approached Dr. Khadem with the hope he’d sign on to Partners for Retinal Health, and I was delighted when he said yes. Our first NYC Partner is a doctor who keeps up with research, has a caring, multilingual staff, all the latest equipment on site, and actually takes the time to answer all my questions by phone or email.

Welcome aboard, Dr. Khadem!