Message from Foundation Fighting Blindness

The Foundation’s goal for a Southwest Florida Chapter is to develop volunteer leadership to help create a supportive community for those with a retinal degenerative disease and for their family and friends.  A chapter brings people together to:

  1. help educate about retinal degenerative diseases and the research
  2. provide a supportive environment where people can learn about resources available to the visually impaired  and meet others
  3.  fundraise to further the research

The Foundation has many resources including a staff member to work with to help guide and build a chapter.  There are active fundraising groups in both Naples and the Bonita Springs areas and the Foundation has hosted an Annual Age Related Macular Degeneration Vision Seminar in Partnership with the Retina Health Center for many years.

In building the Southwest Chapter a goal we would like to accomplish is to bring more educational speaker series meetings and networking socials to the local communities. Volunteers are needed to help with the planning of educational speaker series meetings, networking socials and fundraising so we can find the much needed preventions, treatments and cures for those with a retinal disease.

If you have any interest in supporting or volunteering for one of the upcoming fundraisers or help plan an education speaker series meeting we’d love to hear from you and we welcome your participation

To learn more about participating in the Southwest Florida Chapter please email or call Kimberly Marlow.

Thank you,

Chapter Contact:
Kimberly Marlow
Director, Events
954-496-0776  mobile;