Long Island Chapter Welcome Letter

It is an exciting time at the Foundation Fighting Blindness!  After years of research and a multimillion dollar investment the FFB is producing viable results.  This tremendous growth in potential cures and treatments is profound. There are more clinical trials than available funding and the trials that are underway show great promise.  This is occurring on all fronts, genetic, cell transplantation, pharmaceutical and prosthetic (the bionic eye).

Our Chairman, Gordon Gund must be so pleased.  His dream is to put FFB out of business by curing blindness.  Today, it seems that this may indeed become a reality. His wife Lulie said, “it is like popcorn”.  She describes the process as the corn kernels heat up and become full of energy.  Then they start to burst and they pop like crazy.  Lullie went on to say that this is what is happening at the FFB.  So much science is percolating and the entire scientific community is watching.  The work done by FFB is shaping research done on a multitude of diseases. 

Our Long Island Chapter has had a hand in this success. Our Long Island VisionWalk has raised over $786,000 since beginning in 2007. Together we are powerful. We have built new friendships, offered each other support, learned new talents AND soon we will say WE CURED BLINDNESS!

Warm Regards,

Karen & Nicholas Montagnese
Long Island Chapter, Foundation Fighting Blindness