Jacksonville Area Chapter Welcome Letter

Lisa Welcome to the Jacksonville Area Chapter of FFB! I am honored to serve the wonderful members of our chapter. We all share the same goal, to fund the research that will one day cure the retinal degenerative diseases of more than 10 million Americans. We also serve as a support system for each other. It is imperative that no one feels alone in the struggles of living with these diseases or in the fight to cure them.

We have a great leadership team that works together to raise awareness, hold chapter meetings, and host events throughout the year. Many of our meetings focus on educating our members about the resources in Jacksonville and the surrounding areas. Some of these resources include Division of Blind Services, Independent Living for the Adult Blind (ILAB), and testing of low vision aides. Other meetings are more light hearted and include guest speakers like Emily Michael who teaches at the University of North Florida, sharing personal stories about what NOT to say to visually impaired people or Michael Stone, a man who doesn’t let blindness get in the way of his competing in Ironman triathlons and competitive mountain biking.

Our VisionWalks bring over 500 people together each year to show support for the cause. We raised over $420 thousand for research in the first five years and we hope to bring that number over $500 thousand in 2014!

FFB classifies the Jacksonville Area Chapter as a “small” market but we have HUGEheart and together we can make a difference and end blinding diseases. I love to hear FFB say that they are in business to go out of business. If you haven’t already, please join us in this very worthy cause.