Jacksonville Area Chapter Leadership

Adriann Keve
Chapter President

Brendon Cavainolo
2012 VisionWalk Youth Chair
2013 VisionWalk Youth Chair
Chapter Community Awareness Youth Chair

Lisa and Brendon

Megan Mauney
2014 VisionWalk Chair
UNF Liaison
2010 VisionWalk Co-Chair
2011 VisionWalk Co-Chair
2012 VisionWalk Chair
Megan’s blog

Megan Mauney

Amy Johnson
Outreach & Educational Chair

Sandeep Grover, MD
Outreach & Education Committee

Sandeep Grover

Michael Stone
Chapter Leadership Mentor

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Micheal Stone

Eye Envy

Suzi Ford
Past Immediate President
2009 VisionWalk Co-Chair
2012 VisionWalk Co-Chair
2013 VisionWalk Co-Chair

Sizi Ford

Bobbi Moore
Media Chair
Partners for Retinal Health Chair
2009 VisionWalk Co-Chair
2012 VisionWalk Media Chair
VISIONS 2012 Guest Speaker

Bobbi Moore

Kalli Kearney2013 VisionWalk Community Chair
Miss Duval County
Chapter Community Awareness Chair


Sue Townsend
Community Affairs Chair

Sue Townsend and her daughter, Ashley
Sue Townsend and her daughter, Ashley

Emily Michael
Literary Expert
Disability Etiquette Advisor


Angie & Jeremiah Johnson
Outreach & Fundraising Committee
2012 VisionWalk Family Co-Chairs

Our Story - LCA
Times-Union Article About Our Girls,
Emma and Haley

Angie and Jeremiah Johnson

Tristan Lockwood
Florida School for the
Deaf and the Blind Liaison
2012 VisionWalk Family Co-Chair

Tristan Lockwood

Ena CausevicMembership
Partners for Retinal Health Committee

Ena causevic