Houston Chapter Highlights

The original Houston chapter was started in the late 1970’s with chapter leaders Robert and Kay Cleveland, Desmond and Merilyn Hully and many others. The chapter has grown to include many new members, as well as retaining the original chapter leaders, who all support each other. The chapter is a group of volunteers who know someone or themselves are affected with a retinal degenerative disease . We are here to provide you with support and to share information about the progress being made towards treatments and cures.

Our current Chapter President is Carley Colton and she is leading the chapter to get involved with the local community, promote public awareness and create fantastic fund raising events to raise money for research to find cures and treatments for retinal degenerative diseases. If you have any thoughts or suggestions to share with Carley, please email her at Houston@FightBlindness.org

The Houston Chapter is building partnerships with local low vision groups and services and would love to have new leaders step forward. For more information about the Houston Chapter and to learn how you can become involved, please contact us:

Carley Colton, Houston Chapter President

Richard Faubion, Director of Development
(720) 207-8362