Ft. Wayne Chapter Highlights

A Letter written by Nicholas Shane about the Foundation

Nicholas, his sister, and their dogs.
Nicholas, his sister, and their dogs.

I would like to tell you about how much I like Turnstone Rehab Center, but first I would like to tell you about my grandpa, Virgil Shane going to Turnstone. First of all my grandpa Shane had poor vision and was in a wheel chair from an aneurysm, but when he got to Turnstone, well lets just say that changed his life. He loved the people there and even supported all the others to keep on trying. He also loved woodcraft and made some cool furniture for them. When I went to Turnstone three people guided my class. They were all very nice and one of them showed me the things he made. One of the things he made was a small table and on top was a checkers board that fit in a slot. He also made a picture with the Thurnstone bird and the word Turnstone on it. Another guide was showing equipment to play sports. My grandpa has encouraged me to do all these sports and to make woodcraft like him. My dad also inspired me to do sports and fun activities like my grandpa. I would like to tell you some really cool things my grandpa did, like at Wallen Baseball he put plastic tubes on top of the fences to prevent others from getting hurt, and he started a certain track field event just by helping with a field day.

Do you think that’s cool, well sometimes during the spring you might see people dressed in blue, yellow, or white shirts walking down town. If you do, that’s called the Foundation Fighting Blindness (FFB) VisionWalk which is something hundreds of people have poor vision raise thousands of dollars to help find a cure. Last year my dad got on top of a huge stage with my family and talked about my grandpa. Turnstone changed my grandpa’s outlook forever. He was always a positive person, helping others along the way, but Turnstone was a place where he could really inspire other to never give up.

Nicholas Shane