Eastern Michigan Chapter Featured Volunteer

para-pan american games silver medal John Altan Kusku was first introduced to goalball in 1996 as a child of 11. He began playing competitively in 1998 at the Goalball Junior Nationals and in 1999 playing in the adult circuit in several tournaments throughout the United States and Canada. John Altan has been competitive in the game ever since. Though his Michigan team names have changed throughout the years, he currently plays on the Michigan Wrecking Crew. John plays on "The Crew," as they are often called, with three other adult players who all have been playing for years as well. The Crew is nationally recognized as a top team in the nation, having won bronze, silver, and gold medals in countless tournaments throughout the years, including national championships.

In 2008 John Altan began training for Team USA. He was chosen as part of Team USA in 2009 during which he attended the Pan-American Games and earned a Gold Medal. With Team USA, John Altan has traveled to tournaments all over the world, including Turkey, Lithuania, and Mexico. This November John Altan attended the Para-Pan American Games, earning a silver medal.

The team is hoping to get a bid to the London Paralympics this August. Currently, John trains daily at home, attends weekly goalball practices with his Michigan team, helps to teach youth athletes in Michigan to become better players, and travels with his team and his coach (who always plays the role of wife in John Altan's life) to tournaments around the country for the 2012 Goalball Season.

on the podium at the 2012 para-pan american games