Columbus Chapter Welcome Letter


Thank you for your interest in the Columbus Chapter of the Foundation Fighting Blindness. Our goal as a chapter is to provide support and outreach for those affected by retinal degenerative diseases and their loved ones, while raising money to further the research of treatments and cures for diseases such as macular degeneration, Retinitis Pigmentosa (RP), Usher syndrome, Stargardt disease, and others.

Many of us in the chapter have a vested interest in the pursuit of a cure for retinal degenerative diseases because they have affected our lives personally or those of family members and friends. For me personally, I have joined the cause because my wife, Jen, is affected with RP. Her battle with this disease serves as an inspiration to myself and our young daughters and we are eager and proud to support the Foundation Fighting Blindness in their pursuit of a cure for vision loss.

Through our network of dedicated volunteers, we are able to host several exciting events throughout the year. Every March we host our Dining in the Dark event where friends, family, coworkers, and community members sit down for a meal at a local restaurant while wearing blindfolds. This is an opportunity for unaffected individuals to experience what life is like for those affected by the diseases that the Foundation Fighting Blindness aims to cure.

Every September we host our Golf for Sight golf outing. This is another great opportunity for friends, family, coworkers, and community members to come together and enjoy a great day of golf with a few special twists, including a blindfolded tee shot!

Our chapter also hosts free educational events to keep everyone up to speed on the exciting research that is taking place as a result of the funding generated by our efforts! It is those results that inspire us to continue to grow and strengthen our chapter and provide better support for affected individuals and their families. All of our events are a great chance to get to know other people affected with vision loss.

Our family knows firsthand how overwhelming and isolating it can feel when diagnosed with a rare retina disease. If you live in the Columbus area and are affected, know someone affected, or would like to volunteer we encourage you to connect with us. We are here to help and support each other in central Ohio.


Kevin P. Walker


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