Cleveland Chapter Featured Volunteer

The iSee truck

Foundation Fighting Blindness sends a special THANK YOU to Clear Choice Custom LASIK Center for all the work they do to support the Foundation Fighting Blindness! With help from their whole office, Clear Choice Custom LASIK Center joined the Cleveland VisionWalk, walked the 5k route with families affected and raised over $2,500 to help find a cure! And now, they’ve created a unique and fun way to continue to fundraise for Foundation Fighting Blindness.

With their newest creation, Mr. iSee® the ice cream truck, the Cleveland community has been snacking on some sweet ice cream treats while donating money to blindness research. That’s because all the money generated from Mr. iSee® is donated to the Foundation Fighting Blindness. Clear Choice Custom LASIK Center covers all costs of the ice cream products, and all proceeds made from the purchases go directly to FFB! What great volunteers we have over at Clear Choice Custom LASIK Center, thanks to everyone for helping our mission!

Take a look at what Michelle Laramee, Vice President of Marketing for Clear Choice Custom LASIK Center has to say about Mr. iSee® and their efforts to help fight blindness!

Q: What is the Mr. iSee® story?

A: The owners of Clear Choice LASIK Center and Cleveland Eye Clinic bought this Vintage–era 1959 Ice Cream truck, and gave it some tender- loving care and a coat of paint. Our goal is to use it for outdoor events all summer long. We’re going to give out ice cream bars, popsicles, and ice-cream cups in exchange for donations to the Foundation to Fight Blindness or the charity of your choice. We’re collecting $1 per treat. We’ll cover the cost of goods, and all profits will go to the charity

Q: Where did this idea come from?

A: Well-Clear Choice Custom LASIK Center has used an RV for marketing for about 5 years. A lot of people recognize us as the place with the bus. And, who doesn't like ice-cream? We wanted to do something fun and memorable. Mr. iSee® hits the spot for all of that.

Q: When did this begin and how long do you foresee Mr. iSee® continuing on for?

A: The summer of 2012 was Mr. iSee® first season. I imagine we'll do it until it's not fun anymore- so that'll be forever.

Q: What types of ice cream are available?

A: We chose to work with local ice cream manufacturer- Pierre's. They are Cleveland Based and have a great reputation for quality. We usually make available an ice cream sandwich, an ice cream bar, and a Popsicle. However, we gave away samples of Pierre's soft serve ice-cream at the Cleveland Fabulous Food Show.

Q: Where can we find Mr. iSee® during the summer?

A: Typically Mr. iSee® is at 2-3 events each weekend, and paying visits to multiple businesses during the week. Mr. iSee® pays unscheduled visits to fire stations, police departments, and companies of all sizes when he's not scheduled to be somewhere.

Q: Does it cost anything to “reserve” Mr. iSee® ice cream truck for an event or outing?

A: For private events we might make the minimum order $250. For public events, we don't charge to come out.

Q: Why did Clear Choice Laser decide to team up with the Foundation Fighting Blindness?

A: Our CEO read an article about Gordon Gund's involvement in the foundation. Clevelander's remember the Gund Arena. Since we spend our whole day helping people try to see better, we thought it would be a great fit. Clear Choice has a "sister clinic" called the Cleveland Eye Clinic. The Cleveland Eye Clinic handles patients with pathology. They have a team of Retina guys who work with patients affected by Usher's and Macular Degeneration- so it made sense.

Q: Besides FFB, what other charities have hosts chosen to donate the ice cream proceeds towards?

A: Make a Wish, Blue Planet, Breast Cancer Groups, some Autism Groups

Q: How much has Mr. iSee® raised to date for Foundation Fighting Blindness?

A: Mr. iSee® has raised $1,760 in total for Foundation Fighting Blindness, and that was just from the first season.

Q: Does Clear Choice Laser give back to the community in any other ways?

A: Clear Choice gets involved in a lot of community stuff- We give procedures to events for auction - like the American Heart, Kid's Cancer Stuff, make donations to Flashes of Hope, Make a Wish, etc.

Q: Anything else you would like to add?

A: The business that we're in touches people’s lives in a big way. Not a day goes by that we don't make people smile because they can see better- and it improves the quality of their life. Knowing that there are still those who can't see, or are losing their vision is a heartbreak. But it gives us the drive and determination to do what we do, and to go the extra mile and reach out to the community- because we can and we have to.