Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky Chapter Highlights

Celebrating Excellence

The Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky VisionWalk was presented with the Foundation’s Member Excellence Outstanding VisionWalk Award for a small market at the VISIONS 2012 national conference in Minneapolis in June. The honor, which recognizes sustained high achievement of a VisionWalk, acknowledges the event’s consistent success. The 2011 walk had the largest attendance and most teams in its six-year history, and Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky has surpassed $100,000 for the past five years. Congratulations to all of the walk chairs, team captains and participants!

Driving Research to Save and Restore Sight!

Our goal for the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky Chapter is to make our chapter meetings beneficial for education and support for people with retinal degenerative diseases. We strive to provide a sense of community and hope. You are encouraged to play an active role in growing our chapter!

Benefits of Membership in the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky Chapter
Involvement in the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky Chapter allows individuals and families affected by retinal degenerative diseases to connect with other people facing the same situation. Connect with others by participating in fundraising activities, promoting information and education, and be a part of raising community awareness of the Foundation and its mission.

Support and Friendship
The opportunity to connect with others affected by retinal degenerative diseases in an educational, social and supportive environment.

The knowledge that as a member of the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky Chapter, you are helping some of the finest national and international scientists carry out innovative and vital research.

Educational Programs
Invitations and advance notice to participate in educational programs in Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky and throughout the country.

In the Loop
E-mail updates on breaking news regarding research advancements, as well as Foundation Fighting Blindness newsletters InFocus and InFocus Online.

Online Resources
The Foundation Fighting Blindness website is full of the most up-to-date information on retinal disease research, information on upcoming events in Louisville, chat rooms and message boards.

You have the opportunity to play an important role in our chapter by being part of the chapter leadership or serving on a committee.

The research progress over the last few years has been astounding. You are encouraged to be part of this effort by becoming active in the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky Chapter and become part of the over 40 volunteer-led chapters across the country. Due to this massive combined effort we will make progress in many areas of research so we are one step closer to the treatments, preventions and cures or retinal degenerative diseases. We need your help!

Mary Ann Subleski
Regional Director