Atlanta, GA

Dear Friends of the Atlanta Chapter:

We welcome your interest in this Chapter of the Foundation Fighting Blindness. We are excited about growing this chapter and look forward to your involvement. Any new ideas on connecting all those that have been touched personally or by a loved one with a retinal disease will be appreciated. A fresh approach to our chapter presentations, including format, location, time and day of week, are being discussed.

The chapter presentations are for YOU!

  • To gain knowledge and understanding of the research that will one day soon cure retinal degenerative diseases.
  • To keep you informed of the fundraising that will bring that day to fruition.
  • To share ideas with each other to help us cope with our personal retinal disease.
  • To hear from top retinal specialists and others to encourage us in our journey.

We need to hear from YOU!

What do you need from the chapter? What would you like to talk about and discuss? Who would you like to hear from in the world of retinal diseases? What location, time and day of the week would work best for you? By working together, meeting together and socializing together, we can bring an end to retinal degenerative diseases.

We want to meet YOU!

We want to hear from you! We want to introduce ourselves to you! Please feel free to give me a call or e-mail me!

Mary Ann Subleski

Contact Us:

Atlanta Chapter Inquiries:

Mary Ann Subleski
Director, Chapter Development
(847) 680-0100  ext. 26- office 
(815-404-7137) - cell

Lesley Ireland
Events Manager
(919) 781-8014

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