Atlanta Chapter Welcome Letter

Welcome to the Atlanta Chapter of FFB! Our goal as chapter leaders is to provide education and support for people with retinal degenerative diseases. We also work to provide a sense of community and promise you that if you are a first-time attendee at our meetings, you’ll feel very warmly welcomed and want to come back.

The Atlanta Chapter is one of 50 across the country that works very hard to help people stay current on the latest research and developments for retinal diseases. We also stay apprised of support services and other opportunities that are available in the Atlanta area. Chapter meetings have had presentations from retinal specialists, low vision specialists, geneticist and FFB researchers. Topics are varied and cater to the interests and needs of our members. We have developed a program to work with Retinal Specialists in Atlanta to provide them with information, brochures and updates on FFB. This is called our Partners for Retinal Health Program and is beneficial to both the retinal specialists and to FFB chapter members.

Atlanta is indeed fortunate to have an active and engaged chapter leadership that carries the spirit of FFB’s Co-Founder and Chairman of the Board Gordon Gund. His vision is our vision: We will, through helping to fund vital research, save and restore sight.

Together we work to help support FFB’s research through FFB’s Signature event VisionWalk. As chief ambassadors for the Foundation Fighting Blindness, we want to make sure that as many people as possible know about our chapter, about FFB and about the hope that we all have for a future with sight.

Chapter meetings are posted on our website and occur at least semi-annually. It is also beneficial to be on our email list since notification of meetings and topics are also sent out via email. Most meetings take place on Saturdays from 10 AM to 1 PM. Two of the additional benefits to being involved in our chapter are the friendships we share and the good times that we have together.

We hope this letter encourages you to make plans to participate. Your thoughts on program content, meeting time of day, length of meeting, networking desires and anything else that may be important to you is important to our chapter board leaders.

Atlanta Chapter Leadership