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Foundation News

Human study is evaluating benefits of FDA-approved epilepsy drug for people with dominant forms of retinitis pigmentosa.
New Drug with Potential to Treat adRP Receives Boost Following Acquisition of BIKAM
The Massachusetts-based company Advanced Cell Technology is testing the therapy in patients with Stargardt disease and AMD.
Supported by the Foundation, the Irish company has recently taken the crucial steps necessary to getting a treatment to patients.


  • Many years ago, while picking apples with my uncle, he advised me to “pick the low-hanging fruit.” That way, he told me, you can fill your basket faster and not be as tired at the end of the day. I think the same can be said of drug repurposing—the process of evaluating a drug prescribed for one disease to see if it can safely and effectively treat another disease.

    One good...

  • Growing up, Allison Corona could see shapes and silhouettes, but not the faces of loved ones clearly enough to know if they were happy or sad. She needed a cane to navigate her schools’ hallways. And in a dark room, or outside at night, she was completely blind. “It was like living a half-life,” Allison, 22, recalls in a new FFB video, “...

  • Long before the advent of genetic testing, or even knowledge of DNA and RNA, astute observers noticed that many traits were passed from one generation to another. But it still can be difficult to understand why some people inherit a genetic disease and others do not. Also, it’s often not clear which...

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