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A Hopeful Vision for a Heroic Brother

Mindy Feldman has boundless love and admiration for her brother, Cliff Aaron. He is a gifted athlete, extraordinarily bright, and a successful attorney. He is the oldest of three kids, so she and her sister, Amy, have always looked up to him. “We saw him as the pioneer growing up,” says Mindy. “Cliff was the first to go to sleep-away camp. He was the first to do everything.”

Top Row: Lindsay Aaron, Russell Feldman,
Stephanie Aaron, Corey Feldman,
Hillary Aaron, Reuben Adolf

Bottom Row: Mollie Adolf, Arnold Aaron,
Sydell Aaron, porno hikaye Jackie Feldman,
Tara Feldman

It was an incredibly difficult moment 18 years ago when she learned that Cliff, her heroic brother, sikiş was losing his vision to retinitis pigmentosa. She recalls, “I still remember where I was in my house when Cliff called to tell me that he had very bad news. I remember him telling me his diagnosis, and what it most likely meant for him. It was out of the realm of anything any of us could fathom.”

Mindy says that her parents, Sydell and Arnold, always emphasized that it was important to help others and be involved in charitable organizations in general. So, it was only natural that Mindy, her husband, Andy, and the entire Aaron family became strong supporters of the Foundation Fighting Blindness.

Amy was one of the first to fundraise for FFB. Nine years ago, she ran in a Foundation event (a predecessor to VisionWalk) in Central Park. In subsequent years, she recruited other friends and family, including Mindy, to participate in the event. As part of the walk fundraising, Mindy initiated a letter-writing campaign to bring in more money.

Cliff started co-chairing the Foundation’s New Jersey Taste for Sight, which the whole family attended, and Sydell and Arnold began supporting the cause through a variety of events including the Boca Swing for Sight golf tournament in Florida.

In 2004, Mindy and Andy launched the Westchester Wine Tasting, and over the past five years, the event has grown impressively and brought in significant money for research.

Cliff continues to porno inspire Mindy and Andy, and the rest of his family with his commitment to helping find cures for retinal diseases, and educating others about their impact. He has taken on a leadership role with the Foundation, serving as a national trustee.

Cliff has also visited Camp Towanda in Honesdale, Pennsylvania, to educate campers about retinal diseases, living with limited vision, and the importance of philanthropy. He brought his guide dog, Alto, and explained how Alto helps him navigate independently. Campers also wore glasses that simulate various retinal diseases to gain a better understanding of what it is like to have sex hikayeleri low vision.

In 2007, the campers raised an impressive $10,000 for the New York City VisionWalk, and received a plaque for their outstanding effort.

The recent advances in retinal research, including the advent of clinical trials, are very inspiring for Cliff and the rest of his family. Andy says, “It’s an exciting time. When we hear of clinical porno izle trials restoring sight in humans, we know it isn’t just theoretical. When Cliff was diagnosed, he was told he would go blind and there was nothing he could do about it.  The future was bleak. Now there is real hope he will türk pornosu have his sight restored. It’s not a pipe dream any more.”

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