Hampton Roads, Virginia Area Speaker Series Presentation

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Registration starts at 11:00 am
Program: 11:30 am –2:00 pm

Bayside Special Services Library
936 Independence Boulevard
Virginia Beach, VA  23455

Patrick Wallace, Vice President Business Development at eSight Corporation, will be our guest speaker. Mr. Wallace will demonstrate eSight Glasses: a wearable, mobile, electronic, assistive technology device designed specifically for those with low vision. eSight uses a high-definition camera to capture everything you look at.  A powerful computer then processes the video and displays it onto near-to-eye screens that enable sight with no perceptible delay.
Please RSVP to: Connor Archibald
1-800-683-5555  or   CArchibald@FightBlindness.org

This Chapter Speaker Series is presented without charge and brought to you by The Chatlos Foundation Public Health Education Program of the Foundation Fighting Blindness.  This presentation is provided for informational purposes only and is not an endorsement by the Foundation Fighting Blindness or any of its employees. You should always consult with your ophthalmologist for medical advice.

Saturday, January 21, 2017 - 11:00am to 2:00pm
Virginia Beach, VA