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VISIONS2018 Live Stream

4 Responses to 'VISIONS2018 Live Stream'

  1. Liz Kiefet says:

    I am so Thankful this is live streamed. I have RP & glaucoma. I am at home with my fur baby that recently lost her second eye to glaucoma. We are dealing with low vision and blindness together. As I have missed some parts of the live stream, do you know when the recorded portions of #Visions2018 will be posted up YouTube? Thank you.

  2. As a fellow yoga teacher and RP patient I truly enjoyed The see Simon on Stress and coping mechanisms using breathing and meditation. Martelle ? gave an excellent presentation and shared both professionally and personally to bring us all closer to dealing with our vision loss on a daily basis. I have given yoga classes at Retina International Congresses for many years. Perhaps at last there is a younger guru to take over. Claudette Medefindt Retina South Africa

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