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VISIONS 2016 – Keynote Speaker Dartanyon Crockett on Fear and Courage

Dartanyon CrockettAlmost from the start, the cards were stacked against Dartanyon Crockett. He was diagnosed, at an early age, with Leber’s disease, which caused him to be legally blind. At the age of 8, he lost his mother. And by middle school, he was relentlessly teased for being visually impaired.

Then he found wrestling, a sport in which he could prove his worth, and his life changed. Today, Dartanyon is an all-around, award-winning athlete whose current focus is judo. He won bronze in the 2012 Paralympics in London, and he’s now training for the 2016 Paralympics, taking place in Rio de Janeiro this coming September.

On Friday, during the opening luncheon of FFB’s VISIONS 2016 conference, Dartanyon delivered a moving, inspirational keynote address. And toward the end, he showed how fear of the unknown can be a great catalyst.

Pictured, top, and in the video, above: Dartanyon Crockett, a Paralympic-bound judo champ who is visually impaired, delivers the VISIONS 2016 keynote address.