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VISIONS 2015, Faces of VISIONS – Carol Brill

Carol Brill“If one person’s giving me a hard time, I’m not going to let him ruin my day,” says Carol Brill. “I always remember there are seven billion other people in the world who can make me happy.”

Carol’s all about positivity. Her session at VISIONS 2015 is titled “Living Positively with Usher Syndrome,” a subject she knows lots about, considering she’s affected by Usher, which causes both vision and hearing loss. She also experienced her share of depression, as she moved from child- to adulthood, wondering how she’d cope with monumental challenges.

But since giving birth to her daughter, Sara, almost eight years ago, the Irish resident has been focused not on problems but solutions. That includes working with several Irish and international nonprofits focused on deaf-blindness, writing a memoir that will be published later this year and embarking on a motivational speaking career which, judging by the audience reaction at VISIONS, should prove fruitful.

For more info on Carol, check out her website, Seeing Disney, as well as her blog. Otherwise, she answers a few questions in the video below:

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  1. theresa ioime says:

    I’d like to get information on the bionic eye for my sister who is going blind. she keeps going for injections which are not helping her,she is getting worse. please help a sadden sister

  2. Tripurari says:

    My brother is retinitis pigmentosa patient. Is the treatment available in India.

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