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The “Light the Way to a Cure” Campaign

Image of holiday candlesAfter the trials they’d been through, Chris and Doug Day were overjoyed to welcome two children, Derrick and Meredith, into the world, even though they both have a rare retinal disease that renders them legally blind. And although the Nashes discovered a year ago that their 7-year-old daughter has something called Stargardt disease, which progressively diminishes vision, they know that Gracie will conquer any challenge put before her. Louie McGee, at age 12, has already proven as much to his parents. Living with the effects of Stargardt for seven years now, he’s one of FFB’s most creative fundraisers.

But while these parents watch their kids grow and thrive, they wouldn’t choose for them to lose their vision. That’s why each of them supports the Foundation in his or her own way.

The Days, McGees and Nashes represent the millions of families around the world living with the effects of retinal diseases – the same millions we at the Foundation had in mind when developing our annual holiday fundraising campaign, this year known as the “Light the Way to a Cure” campaign. During the month of December, every dollar donated to the Foundation will be matched by an FFB benefactor.

In other words, you donate $35, it’ll be worth $70; $50, it’ll be worth $100, and so on. And these donations will all serve the same purpose – fund the research aimed at treatments and cures for retinal diseases affecting 10 million Americans alone, tens of millions more worldwide.

Meet the Day family. Video courtesy of FFB.

The money, I assure you, will be well-spent. Since it’s founding in 1971, FFB has raised more than $500 million, which has helped researchers identify more than 200 disease-causing genes. It has also facilitated the lab work that’s enabled companies to develop retinal prostheses, gene and cellular therapies and drugs now in clinical, or human, trials – the last step before reaching the marketplace.

Once these treatments – many more of which are in development – become available, millions will be helped, their lives vastly improved by the vision many of us sometimes take for granted. But, when considering a gift, it’s perhaps best to focus on the lives of only a few – Meredith and Derrick Day, for instance. Gracie Nash. Louie McGee.

With that in mind, I’d like to finish this post by asking a question. I encourage you to provide your answer either in the comment section here or on FFB’s Facebook page. In my next post, I’ll share some of those answers. Here it is:

What are you doing to light the way to a cure?



4 Responses to 'The “Light the Way to a Cure” Campaign'

  1. Dolores McDonagh says:

    I’m talking to my own children about what I’m learning about how kids like Louie, Derrick, Gracie and Meredith are dealing with their diagnoses and finding a way to still be kids. Their example is a wonderful one for all of us — not just our kids — on never giving up. Glad to support the Foundation in its important work. Thanks for the Match — it made it even more satisfying to donate.

  2. meemi.Com says:

    perhaps you are aware of this already but, i typed out a huge feedback and it
    got deleted, why was that?

    • EyeOnTheCure says:

      It appears that this is the only comment we have from you on our blog. It appears that feedback was not posted. Can you tell me where the feedback was left and what it was in regards to? Thank You

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