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VISIONS 2016 – Dr. Richard Weleber Receives FFB’s Highest Research Honor, Recognized in Touching Video

Dr. Richard WeleberConsidering all that Richard Weleber, M.D., has accomplished over four decades —
including leadership and oversight of clinical trials for emerging retinal-disease therapies and innovations in retina imaging and functional evaluation at the world-renowned Casey Eye Institute, Oregon Health & Science University — it comes as no surprise that he’s been given FFB’s Llura Liggett Gund Award for career achievement. Dr. Weleber became the 10th recipient of the Foundation’s highest honor, named after FFB co-founder Lulie Gund, during the opening lunch of the VISIONS 2016 conference.
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Promising Research Highlighted at Meeting of Retinal Gene Therapy Experts

genesWhen it comes to fighting blinding retinal diseases, nothing has been more exciting than the advancement of gene therapies into clinical trials. And, with human studies of gene therapies now underway for Leber congenital amaurosis (LCA, RPE65 mutations), Usher syndrome type 1B, Stargardt disease, retinoschisis, choroideremia and retinitis pigmentosa (MERTK mutations), scientists are gaining new knowledge every day about the best technologies and methodologies for gene-therapy development.
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ARVO 2015 Highlight: AMD Gene Therapy Performs Encouragingly in Human Study

an AMD eyeWhile treatments such as Lucentis®, Avastin®, and Eylea® have been saving and restoring vision for people with wet age-related macular degeneration (AMD) over the last several years, they have a significant drawback: The therapies require regular injections into the eye—in some cases, monthly—for the life of the patient.
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Gene Therapies for Stargardt Disease and Wet AMD Deemed Safe Thus Far

Researcher looking through microscopeIf you’re going on a cross-country road trip, the highlight of your journey is not the safety check. Putting air in the tires, topping off the brake and power-steering fluids, making sure the front and back lights are working properly and adjusting the mirrors are not cause for raucous celebration.
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Could Combining Future Treatments Be an Option?

Image of test tubesVISIONS 2012, the Foundation’s annual conference, taking place in Minneapolis, is only two weeks away. I am very much looking forward to all the science presentations, especially the closing session on Sunday, July 1 — not only because I will moderate, but because it will cover three promising clinical trials, as well the exciting prospect of someday combining therapies.
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