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AGTC Leverages Funding from the Foundation to Move Promising Treatments into Clinical Trials

Seed becoming a plantCompany Builds on FFB’s Initial Investment to Garner $265 Million in Therapy Development Funding

In the early 1990s, scientists began discovering the genetic defects causing blinding, inherited retinal diseases and saw a unique opportunity to overcome them. They envisioned gene therapy — delivering healthy genes to the retina to replace the bad ones — as an elegant approach to saving and restoring vision. Furthermore, a single injection of gene therapy would likely halt or reverse the disease process and work effectively for several years, perhaps the patients’ lifetimes.

The Foundation Fighting Blindness, the world’s leading private, nonprofit retinal research organization, funded most of these genetic discoveries for retinal diseases and immediately recognized the enormous opportunity for gene therapy to beat blindness.
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FFB Chairman, Gordon Gund, Interviewed on

FFB chairman and co-founder Gordon Gund.Over on, contributor Devin Thorpe is compiling a series of interviews with people representing organizations dedicated, as he writes, to solving “the world’s biggest challenges within the next thirty years.” Blindness is obviously among them, so we’re very appreciative that, this past Monday, Devin interviewed FFB’s chairman, Gordon Gund.
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Celebrating ‘Momentum’: FFB’s 2013 Annual Report

The home page for "Momentum," FFB's 2013 annual reportWhen the words “annual report” are mentioned, visions of charts, graphs and numbers usually pop into one’s head. While the Foundation’s 2013 annual report includes numbers, it mostly features examples of the report’s theme, “Momentum,” a word that aptly describes our progress in the fight against vision-robbing retinal diseases. With that in mind, I invite you to check out the online version of the report.
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