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Sun and Funds: FFB’s Annual Summer Campaign

Summer Challenge web pageWe all know that Memorial Day is not, technically, the first day of summer. But seeing as we like to stretch summer out as much as possible, it only makes sense to kick it off… well… a few weeks early. The same premise is behind FFB’s Summer Challenge to End Blindness campaign, which began Memorial Day weekend and continues through the upcoming season.

The idea is simple—the Foundation and its researchers don’t take a vacation from developing treatments and cures. There’s too much momentum—in the form of treatments either in or being prepared for human studies—to slow for even a minute. So the Summer Challenge is our way of saying that, even during the dog days, we’re as committed as ever to improving the lives of the tens of millions of people affected by retinal diseases.

The best ways to do that is to raise both awareness and funds. So the Summer Challenge offers a number of actions. You can do one or all of the following: take a pledge to end blindness; send a message to Congress to make research a national priority; create your own fundraising campaign; share the challenge with others; and donate to FFB.

That last one’s significant because, during the Summer Challenge, each donation will be matched by an anonymous Foundation donor. So your $50 is worth $100, your $100, $200, and so on.

The Summer Challenge site also includes a handful of stories about FFB’s researchers and the people the fruits of their labors benefit. Dr. Shannon Boye, for instance, is developing a few treatments that show great promise. And Nathan Hayes, a 13-year-old with retinitis pigmentosa, puts great stock in the Foundation’s efforts.

For more details, check out the Summer Challenge website. And don’t forget—support FFB and enjoy the summer!

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  1. Lawrence Ware says:

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