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Social Media Alert: Top 13 Retinal Research Advancements of 2013

Top 13 Retinal Research Advancement of 2013I admittedly am not a heavy social-media user — I am not much for “tweeting” — but as I put together this list of the top retinal research advancements of 2013, I realized it would make great content for social media. Of course, my FFB colleagues will be sure to get the list out via our Facebook and Twitter pages.

Whether or not you are a member of the Foundation family, I encourage you to share the list through your networks as well. Let friends and family know about the cutting-edge research we make possible, either directly or indirectly. Nothing against posting a photo of your latest advances in fruitcake development, but our sight-saving research achievements are wonderful content for dissemination through cyberspace.

For those of you who are FFB supporters, keep in mind that this is, in fact, your news. None of these great advancements would have been possible without your generous and tireless support.

Without further ado, here is my list of the Top 13 Retinal Research Advancements of 2013:

1. Vision-Restoring Retinal Prosthesis Receives FDA Approval
2. Alpha IMS Becomes Second Bionic Retina Approved in Europe
3. Cone-Rod Dystrophy Gene Therapy Rescues Vision in Canines
4. Emerging Gene Therapy for RP Receives Fast-Track Designation
5. GenSight’s Optogenetic Therapy Advancing Toward Human Study
6. Human Study Begins for First-of-its-Kind Stem Cell Treatment for AMD
7. New Therapeutic Trick for Old Dogs
8. Orphan Designation Boosts Clinical Development of RP Stem Cell Therapy
9. Progress Reported in Gene Therapy Development for Best Disease
10. Researchers Identify Better Virus for Retinal Gene Delivery
11. Spark Therapeutics Receives $50 Million to Advance Gene Therapies
12. Stem Cell Pioneers Creating Retinal Patch to Restore Vision
13. Update for Six Gene Therapy Clinical Trials

I wish you a safe and enjoyable holiday season, and I look forward to working with you to make 2014 a spectacular year in the drive for sight-saving treatments and cures.

4 Responses to 'Social Media Alert: Top 13 Retinal Research Advancements of 2013'

  1. Toader Lidia says:

    Avem un fiu în vârsta de 20 ani, are retinopatie pigmentară din cauza căreia câmpul vizual e foarte îngustat. Orice ar influenţa stoparea sau alte metode moderne de tratament pentru noi ca parinţi ar însemna o speranţă( având în vedere faptul că e şi surd). Vă rugăm dacă se poate să fim contactaţi pe adresa de email.
    Cu respect pentru ceea ce faceţi, vă mulţumim frumos!
    Fam. Toader

  2. Sidney A BODDIE says:

    I would like help in stopping my blindness and also would like to to get in gene therapy program before I go blind.

  3. Carmen says:

    One of my grandchildren, now 11, was diagnosed with RP in 2010.Since then I have been reading and looking for good information concerning possible improvements in different investigations being carried out in several countries to deal with this sad condition and other retinal diseases, considered rare up to now. Fortunately, there are many clinical trials all over the world, suggested gen and stem cell therapies, …. Your blog Eye on the Cure is very encouraging. I hope there will be excellent news in a few years to help patients overcome any kind of retinal disease.

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