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Retinal Research Developments Go Mainstream (at The Wall Street Journal)

Lab BeakersWe, at Eye on the Cure, like to keep folks up-to-date on the latest retinal research developments, as soon as they’re vetted – meaning verified as legitimate – and/or come in. But we also appreciate when the mainstream media chimes in, especially when they cite the Foundation’s efforts and expertise.

Such is the case with The Wall Street Journal, which, among other FFB associates, quotes our chief research officer, Dr. Steve Rose, in this article, focusing specifically on Stargardt disease. It’s accompanied by a blog post that gives a shout-out to Eye on the Cure while confirming the Foundation’s position as a leader in research-funding efforts.

It’s also worth noting that the WSJ article includes mention of a gene therapy developed, and being tested in a clinical trial, by the British company Oxford BioMedica. Known as StarGen, it’s one of a few of the company’s treatments-in-development that FFB has had a hand in funding. That includes a gene therapy for Usher syndrome which is undergoing a clinical trial in both the United States and France.

Thank you, Wall Street Journal, for getting the word out! Otherwise, visitors to Eye on the Cure can rely on our continual reports on research developments for various retinal diseases.

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