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Our CEO’s Q&A with FasterCures

Bill SchmidtComing up with a treatment or cure for any disease is hard enough, clinically speaking. But when you factor in the bureaucratic and financial obstacles involved, it can be downright daunting. FasterCures, a self-described “action tank,” is trying to accelerate the treatment-development process by bringing together researchers, businesspeople and foundations to share ideas and resources.

What it calls TRAIN, or The Research Acceleration and Innovation Network, serves, in particular, as its “platform for venture philanthropy in medical research.” It’s also the site of a Q&A with Bill Schmidt, FFB’s CEO. In it, Bill shares the Foundation’s history—which shows it to be an early practitioner of venture philanthropy—as well as examples of how we’re currently accelerating retinal-disease research.

Pictured, above: The Foundation’s chief executive officer, Bill Schmidt

4 Responses to 'Our CEO’s Q&A with FasterCures'

  1. Leonor says:

    Thank you for being there, making our future a little more colourfull.
    I, from Spain, am willing to do anything to help the foundation apart from making some donations. So let me know if I can do anything to joing such a wonderful Foundation.
    Thank You

  2. Katey Bader says:

    Please hurry up and get a treatment to help with RP a lot of people are suffering my son is one of them all the young people are not living a normal life, please hurry up everyday count.
    Thank you

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