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International AMD Awareness Week

A senior coupleSeeing as it’s the leading cause of blindness in people 55 and older, and affects 10 million people in the United States and three times that amount worldwide, it only makes sense that age-related macular degeneration would get its own week. International AMD Awareness Week, which began Sept. 15 and runs through the 22nd, is the brainchild of AMD Alliance International, of which FFB is a member. And it’s imperative that everyone, not just those currently affected, take note.

Why? Because this country’s Baby Boomers are aging. Many are already older than 55, with others close behind. And although AMD will not affect all of those people, the chance of you knowing someone affected—a family member, friend, colleague or acquaintance—is on the rise. By 2020, the number is expected to go up by 50 percent in this country.

If you want to learn more, including ways in which to prevent the onset of AMD, please take a look at our AMD Week page, which provides links to a variety of resources, FFB articles and videos among them. The truly good news is that the Foundation is on top of the latest research advancements, including current treatments and those that are either in clinical trials or being prepped to go there.

The purpose of any awareness week is to stem the tide of a growing problem by, first, making people aware of it and, second, showing them how to prevent and/or fight it. Only in this way can we work to foil the experts’ projections. We, thus, urge you to join FFB in our mission to treat and cure AMD and other retinal diseases.


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