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Eye on the Cure Comment Policy

Dr. Steve Rose and his team welcome your comments and questions. This blog wouldn’t exist without you, so we want to hear what you think. When making comments, we ask that you keep a couple points in mind:

Your comments are important to us and we know that our response is important to you. Dr. Steve Rose and the team will work hard to address all comments in a timely manner.

The Foundation’s mission is focused on driving retinal disease research, so it may take some time for us to prepare quality answers to questions that fall outside this area of expertise. Rest assured that, when we don’t feel qualified to address a topic, we’ll do our best to send you to a more qualified resource. This includes medical advice, as the Foundation is a research funding organization and does not provide patient care.

7 Responses to 'Eye on the Cure Comment Policy'

  1. dwightwalter says:

    This is a great post. It’s Very informative and well writing.

    Eye Doctors

    • jill moon says:

      this is not a rely, it is an inquiry as to what
      the organization’s feelings are on “electrical stimulation” for the improvement of ARMD —-

      Many physicians are promoting programs which include
      Electrical Stimulation at a hefty charge which is not
      covered by insurance, i.e. Pittsburgh Eye Protocol

      • EyeOnTheCure says:

        Until a treatment has been evaluated in a human clinical trial that is conducted under FDA guidelines and the results published in a peer-reviewed, scientific journal, one can not make any statements as to either the safety and/or efficacy of the therapy.

  2. swati sharma says:

    An ‘NGO’ a ‘resource center’ for eye banks & organizations associated in the ‘eye donation’ movement.

  3. lenny estrin says:

    Always be careful save your eyes from any injuries and keep them healthy.

  4. eugene says:

    Also try tokeep an EYE on your New Year resolutions. Never, ever take your eyes for granted

  5. Sachin Rao says:

    Awesome Post. Thanks for sharing

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